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It’s a secret to everyone.

How did we figure out that baking soda absorbs odors?

Like. Is that something you check for? When you’re studying a new thing?

"Okay, I have some powder. Let’s see what happens when you bring rancid mayo close to it…"

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It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this.

Before and after.

Never has a toaster popped up toast near me without causing me to jump in sudden alarm.

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I had a panic attack today. So I came home and made a music. Kinda sounds like it should play over the credits of a Sci Fi video game.

Really get under someone’s skin by pronouncing decoupage as “dacoopidge.”


Notification trolling.

Why does every movie spaceship have a self destruct mechanism? Like, does your car have a self destruct? “Oh no, my tire is flat. Better set a timed detonation and make a run for it.”