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Confession: I have a slightly embarrassing knowledge of Mexican music videos, because I lived in Texas without cable or internet until I was 18, and the only way to sometimes see boobs was to watch the Mas Musica channel because they were slightly looser with censorship.

The Doctor has two hearts, yes, but Link starts out with three.

Our movies keep expecting that intelligent life will find us and attempt to rule us, but, given our actual history, isn’t it more likely that once we find life on other planets, we will be the aggressors?

Can’t we all just agree that the Algerian font is no longer relevant or appropriate in any situation?


“‘Latin-inspired pork crepe?’ That’s a taco, fucker.”

— Me, getting wayyyy too involved in an episode of Chopped.


‘Latin-inspired pork crepe?’ That’s a taco, fucker.
Me, getting wayyyy too involved in an episode of Chopped.

Getting randomly depressed sucks, because you try to fight it, but you know it’s happened before, and you can never remember if you won.

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  • Princess Zelda - The Legend of Zelda Series
  • John “JD” Dorian - Scrubs
  • Obi-wan Kenobi - Star Wars
  • Harold Krick - Stranger Than Fiction
  • Phil Coulson - The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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If I was a prop maker, I would make a little animatronic old man in chains that would move around and say “please… Help…” And leave it by the front door in case anyone robbed me.

What if a morbidly obese person was bitten by a radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker?